Future Energy By-Law Compliant

We are all aware of the state of global warming affecting our planet on a scale of mass proportion. In an attempt to play its part by cutting down on CO2 emissions, the South African government have implemented emission taxes on all new vehicles.   

Following this law, a new Housing By-law (SANS 10400; Addendum XA; SANS 204) was passed last year whereby home owner’s houses will be graded for CO2 efficiency and will be charged for not complying. This grading will also determine the various rates and tax charges as well as the various rates of services such as water and electricity being delivered.

The following factors will be taken into account during the grading process:

1.Orientation of new houses positioned on properties in relation to North

2.Water heating alternatives such as: Solar water heating, Heat pumps, Gas

3.Glazing to comply with SANS 204

4.Adequate roofing insulation

5.Insulation of exposed water pipes

6.Maximum lighting of 5Watt/m2

7.Sealing of external doors from draughts

Although it has not yet been enforced, we will be implementing some of these elements to keep future municipal service costs to a minimum and play our part in contributing to a safer and cleaner environment for the future of our children.